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The My Colorful Nana Project

Think Generously.

TMCNP Welcomes You

We are a collected group of Generous Thinkers founded by Lauren Stockmon Brown. We invite all people to consider and celebrate their definitions of the words "beauty," "femininity", and Blackness through a discussion of hair.


You can define your own identity with us through our weekly podcasts, ongoing panel discussions and short films.



Sharing Our Narratives

After seeing a photograph of her grandmother from the 1960s with a beautiful afro, NYU, Gallatin student Lauren Stockmon-Brown (BA ’20) created her podcast The My Colorful Nana Project in Judith Sloan's Oral History and Cultural Identities course. This piece is a positive media platform directed at young black girls and focused on the black female body. Join us for a discussion, moderated by Stockmon-Brown who will use black hair to broaden the perspective of all people in order to understand what it means for a person of color to grow up in a Eurocentric society. The goal of this project is to create an organized movement that generates change through facilitated presentations, speeches, and discussions.

Meet The Team

Kayla Patterson

Podcast Narrator/

Website Curator

Riley Wurtz

Film/ Directing

Tomás Greer 

Film/ Directing

Christina Marie Schuler

Social Media Designer/ Manager


Janean Cuffee

Podcast Narrator/

Event Speaker

Nazzerine Waldon

Podcast Narrator/

Social Media Designer

Mikaela Read

Podcast Narrator/

Event Speaker

Lauren Stockmon-Brown


"The My Colorful Nana Project encourages and welcomes all people to listen, relate and learn about the power of black femininity that is frequently dismissed within the media and throughout the world. In this project, we are giving voice to the silence of oppression that so many black female bodies have endured. This podcast is important to me because my story is not unusual. As I grow older and explore the racial entanglements that have been built to separate us, I am learning how to expand upon my own definitions of the word beauty and blackness."

Insta: lsbco



“This project is meaningful to me because it gave my opinions a voice. It allowed me to better articulate my experiences with my hair in a comfortable environment. This project forced me to be introspective about not only how others treated my hair but also how I treat other people’s hair. Everyone’s hair has a story and this project allows us to listen to them.”


- Nazz



February 2019


TMNCP was featured as a student run panel event for black history month on February 6th, 2019 at New York University school of Gallatin. 

March 2019


TMNCP was presented at the Diversity Art Festival.

March 2019


Director of the LIFE school located in Chappaqua New York, Steve Walker, was eager to have our team present to their students. We expanded upon many topics in an open discussion. 


"Our kids were talking about it all day. It blew them away. Best Activity of the year by far." -Steve Walker

The team will be bringing this message to other schools and festivals in the hopes of creating a broader conversation!

The My Colorful Nana Project RETURN. This series expands upon and celebrates the complexities behind words such as “Beauty” "Femininity," and “Blackness” by engaging our growing collective of "Generous Thinkers". We are so excited to introduce these new voices behind TMCNP! 

You can access each episode on Youtube, 89.1,, Apple Podcasts or right here from our website!


Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed on relevant issues pertaining to this project. Keep up with where we will be next! If you are interested in learning more, working with us, or having your own story be heard--Contact us directly below.


Also, check us out on YouTube-- links below! 


Your narrative matters.

Become a Generous Thinker. 

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